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What kind of building will the split system be installed in?
What level is the AC going to be installed in?
What level is the AC going to be installed in?
What is the Construction of the walls?
What is the Construction of the walls?
Are you on the ground floor? Yes No
Which room will the split sytem be installed in?
Is there an old air conditioner to be removed? Yes No
What kind of ac needs to be removed?
What is the capacity of split system to be installed?
HAve you already purchase a split system AC? Yes No
Please enter the make and model of the air conditioner you want installed:
Make: Model:
Did you Know that EZYAIR supplies and install all reputable brands of split systems, including the following:
Is the power supply a switchboard with circuit breakers, or a fuse board with ceramic fuses?
Would the distance from the purposed site of the aircon back to the switchboard be over or under 15m? Under Over
How many meters over 15m back to the Switchboard?
Would it be fair to say that we can install the indoor unit on the wall, drill through the wall and have the outdoor unit on the ground behind it? Yes No
Would the indoor unit be installed on the internal wall or external wall? External Internal
How will the condenser (outdoor unit) be mounted?
Would it be fair to say the distance between the indoor and outdoor units will be less than 3m? Yes No
Distance over 3m between indoor and outdoor units:
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